Lesli Cohan: Inspired by nature

Name:  Lesli Cohan
Profession:  Professional photographer and registered nurse/instructor.


1.    How did you find out about Anderson Ranch Arts Center?
I had known about Anderson Ranch as a previous resident of Colorado, but never had gotten to the Ranch until 2013.  It was always a thought that I wanted to get there, but funny that I didn't until we moved away from Colorado to the Seattle area.

2.    What three words best describe Anderson Ranch?
Innovative, inspiring, harmonious.

3.    How are you connected to Anderson Ranch?
I was fortunate enough to be awarded a special scholarship in 2013 and attended a workshop that was taught by master outdoor photographer Bill Ellzey.  It was such an incredible experience, and I took away a lot that has helped me in my work.  I met some greatly talented people who worked in many different mediums during my stay, and was so inspired by the creative vibe that flowed through the Ranch. 

4.    How would you describe your artistic practice?
I am first and foremost an outdoor and nature photographer.  While I have ventured into different areas of photograph, I continually return to nature.  There are so many things she presents to us, and both when I work alone or teach in my workshops, I try to instill a quest to slow down and see, truly see, what is there and why it speaks to us.
I work, almost as a meditative practice, to see the interplay of light, color and texture and how I can capture that mood or feeling in an image.

5.    What are three things that inspire you as an artist?
Nature, light and color.  I am also greatly inspired by some incredible photographers who have worked tirelessly and fearlessly to show their own vision in their work, and have a strong voice and style.  Any time you get a chance to work with someone like that, it only makes you a better artist.

6.    How can we find you on social media and the web?
Website: www.imagesthroughthedoor.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/imagesttd.
Twitter: #imagesttd
Email: lesli@imagesttd.com