1973: Center of the Eye at Anderson Ranch Art Center

Name: Bea Nettles

The Center of the Eye (photography workshops) under the direction of Cherie Hiser, moved from downtown Aspen to the Anderson Ranch in the summer of 1973. I lived on the ranch for the entire month of June that year and taught alternative photographic processes. The facilities were very basic, the faculty shared meals that they cooked for themselves. Students camped or commuted. My photographs were made that summer with an Instamatic camera, on black and white film that came twelve shots to a roll. This aesthetic is the basis of the "histamatic" app. Two prints from this summer are in the Portland Art Museum collection in the portfolio FEASTS AND FEATS. There was no TV, no internet, a payphone in town, but lots of great food, volleyball, bright sun, rainbows and an occasional snow.